The modern new Pilot Training Center, together with the Elbit Systems’ extensive experience in air crew training
and aircraft maintenance, ensures a high quality, efficient and safe environment for training military air crews.

Managing the entire training process – from initial candidate screening, to primary, basic and advanced training, Elbit Systems’ main focus is on providing a comprehensive, Classroom-to-Cockpit training solution incorporating:

• Curriculum development – flexible, customer tailored syllabus

• Experienced flight Instructors and qualified ground school teachers

• Ground-based training facilities

• Advanced Ground Based Training Systems (GBTS),

• Training aids and debriefing

• Aircraft operation.

Our modular Syllabus is tailored to meet various customer requirements. In addition we offer advanced operational courses for qualified pilots, such as, Advanced Jet Training (AJT), helicopter landing tactics and maneuvers, NVG flights, formation flight training, Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) Training, etc.

The company Combines its world-leading training facilities, among which are the Israeli Air Force’s training academy, U.S. government’s fleet support and services and hundreds of aircraft operated in Private Finance Initiatives, with know-how and expertise in designing and developing pilot training programs ,thus setting new standards for quality, value and efficiency in military aircrew training.

Elbit Systems’ various and flexible financing options for fleet operation offer:

· Selection, acquisition and support of aircraft and training assets

· Cost-effective aircraft operation and maintenance

· Guaranteed aircraft readiness and availability

Type of Training Offered:

  • Helicopter Flight Training

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